Apex Legends Chrome new tab wallpapers

Apex Legends customize new tab

If you are fond of a futuristic environment in a game, our customized extension with Apex Legend characters and maps sure suits you! Before you check in to our extension down below, let us go through what Apex Legends is all about.

For the past five years battle royal games are gained immense popularity among new generation of gamers. After the games such as Titanfall and Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends in 2019. The game has a free-fall battle royale features. 20 three membered squad jumps in to a detailed and intelligently designed map to collect weapons and supplies to defeat each other. The most crucial part is, the map shrinks over time and you need to avoid of being outside of it. Otherwise you will meet a fatal consequences. On the surface it seems similar to other battle royale games but as you begin to play you will see the details and mechanics of Apex Legends.

In the game you have an opportunity to choose different type of characters for your playing style. Since battle royal games are known for providing action and excitement for the players, your personal style of play is also very important. This three person squad you will join automatically, means that you are not alone and you should not think individually. Which is also develops your team sense and opens a path for victory, depending on your play as a team. Apex Legend characters has an independent abilities to use in time you choose. There are passive, tactical and ultimate abilities involved. The futuristic type of soldiers gives another perspective to a game shows that the game is not about shooting to survive. Tactical elements highly important and forces you to use wisely.

An ideal game should not impose its mechanics and structure to a gamer. Most of the gamers complains about this because they need a room to operate without considering too much about building a character aimlessly. Instead of spending time to have sense of what a game actually is, instantly involving and tasting the experience is more suitable. With different characters and abilities, customizing weapons according to your character within an actual game is what Apex Legends about. Everything is out in the open but, that means the flow of the game train you to be more precise. The fast pace and constant threat makes you feel the idea of battle royal. Sure you will need a little bit of time to adjust yourself but as soon as you get used the maps and weapons, the amazement and the thrill will find you in no time.

Apex Legends Chrome new tab wallpapers

Apex Legends Chrome new tab wallpapers

Lore of the Apex Legends give a little spice to the game as well. After a huge battle between IMC and the military forces ended, the estimated peaceful era was not established. In fact, power struggle emerges and different type of individuals try to survive in the harsh conditions of the Frontier areas. This conflicted situation leads to a bloodsport knowns as the Apex Games. Now a chance to settling scores, earning money, fame and reputation is on the horizon. More current story of the game revolves around the champions who participate in the Apex Games. Much of this bloodsport is conducted in Kings Canyon, a futuristic island yet the wildlife is forcibly implemented itself in environment. That is why the maps in the Apex Legends are a sight to see. Consistency between the lore and the actual game is what makes this game unique and earns its place among the gamers. With our extension including many useful features (wallpapers, your favorite websites etc.) you will live the same experience under the theme of the Apex Legends as well. It is free and optional for your meaning you can choose not to use anytime you want.

Apex Legends Chrome new tab wallpapers

Apex legends new tab extensions

We carefully created an extension for Apex Legends fans. As you know a customized browser that meet you expectations and interest is a necessity for your browsing experience. We know that as well and presenting you a new Apex Legends extension with many features. Visually we hope that you will find it satisfying and enjoy its features in the list down below.

  • A very cool looking date and clock feature will definitely catch your eye to follow the time.
  • There is a box in your Apex Legends tab to make specific searches on Google directly.
  • With ‘’Popular Games’’ section, a lot of browser games will be available to you in the new Apex Legends extension.
  • Our new Apex Legends extension provides you frequently used web sites and social media icons to easily access without using too much time on it which is very handy.
  • If you are looking for an hd and artistic wallpapers, now you have chance to find countless Apex Legends wallpapers for your background.
  • When you open a new tab, a Apex Legends image will be your background however, it will be strict one. We will also develop our Apex Legends extension so that when you open a new page you will see a new Apex Legends image will be your background.
  • We also created a blog post for Apex Legends fans! As you install the Apex Legends extension you can read about the Apex Legends and maybe you will find and information that you never knew before in the blog post!

Apex Legends Chrome new tab wallpapers

Our new Apex Legends extension is optional and it is always will be! If you are thinking that Apex Legends extension is not a suitable choice for you, you can easily uninstall it any time. There is an icon for that and that will not take much of your time.

In addition to all of that, the Apex Legends images you will see and use as a background images in this Apex Legends extension are a collection gathered from the web. If you own any image among them you can contact to use for removal. Notice that all the images and characters of the Apex Legends are belong to their respective owner.  Also, ıf you have any suggestion about new features that you will see in this Apex Legends extension, you can always contact us about it.

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