Mortal Kombat X New Tab brings you a new extension with Mortal Kombat X wallpapers of your favorite chacarters like Liu Kang, Raiden, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Subzero and of course Scorpion. These newly illustrated wallpapers will be an excellent fit for your browser and internet experience. If you want to discover more about our extension, check the link down below.

The 10th instalment of one of the most popular fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat called Mortal Kombat X is developed by NetherRealm Studios and released by Warnerbros Interactive Entertainment 13th April of 2015. The game as a classic two player and one against CPU mode. Basically two different –sometimes the same- characters fight against each other, with different type of martial arts. Some characters also have mixed styles as well. Variety of combos and special abilities are also important.

Story Mode

Including 12 chapters, the events in the Mortal Kombat X begins 25 after the previous game. In every chapter you play different character to discover different aspects of the story. There are exclusive cut-scenes and combination of fighting sequels. You will have chance to know the story of an each character from a closer perspective. Also new generations of characters will be introduced as you continue to story.

Mortal Kombat New Tab Extensions

Combos and Fatalites

As in the previous games, Mortal Kombat X has also combo and fatality features. However NetherRealm Studios takes this to another level with detailed graphics and sound effects to make these features more realistic. They also used Unreal Engine to establish a new way of fighting games. The angels and the atmosphere in fatalities will show you the Studio’s immense creativity in terms of finishing the opponent.

New Generation

If you are familiar with the series sure you know Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, right? Now we are introduced to their daughter Cassie Cage, a fierce fighter who has incredible fighting skills and tactics just like their parents. Also Jacqui Briggs, daughter of Jackson Brings will bring her fists, Takeda Takahashi, Kenshi’s son fights with his Shirai Ryu skills, Kung Jin the nephew of Kung Lao striking opponents with his bow and arrow. This new generation of characters take the initiative end helping the old generation to prevent anything that danger the Earthrealm.

Brand New Fatality Sequences

Finishing your opponent with an unimaginable fashion is the main characteristic of Mortal Kombat series. Mortal Kombat X is also has fatality feature but it is not just about that. Now we have Quitality means instant death in online matches, Brutality feature is included as well. Since there are new characters in the game, sure it will be interesting to see how they finish their opponents. This finishing sequences has a cinematic atmosphere and makes the winning priceless. To be able to conduct these finishing moves you can check the menu anytime you want, even in the instant of the game. Not only for consoles, Mortal Kombat X also playable with mobile devices too. Thus, you can play anytime and anywhere you want. In solo and multiplayer game mode, you can compete millions of players around world. In addition to all of that, with Mortal Kombat Comic books the story of the game also accessible to you.

Our free and optional extension which compatible with your pc and other devices, offers you a new internet experience. In every tab you open, you can instantly access our features including time and date, social media pins, frequently used web sites. Providing a high speed access with its features this extension we created for you is now coming for you with a Mortal Kombat X theme as well!

Mortal Kombat New Tab Extensions

Mortal Kombat New Tab Extensions

A specifically designed Mortal Kombat New Tab extension is ready for you to install! Now you have a chance to personalize your browse experience for you hearts content. Here, you see the Mortal Kombat New Tab’s features and understand why this extension will elevate your time with your personal private browser.

  • Numerous wallpapers of Mortal Kombat New Tab will be your background in your Chrome browser
  • Deciding a specific Mortal Kombat New Tab as a strict one is available however, a sticky Mortal Kombat New Tab image as your background picture means you will lose the shuffle contribute. This will not seem a good thing but, we will definitely develop as a feature to our Mortal Kombat New Tab extension eventually.
  • There is a customized Mortal Kombat New Tab search browser to search anything on Google directly
  • Carefully designed date and clock feature to follow time in the corner of Mortal Kombat New Tab page
  • With the ‘’Popular Games’’ link direct you to play online games anytime you want.
  • Social media icons provides you to access your social media profiles instantly in our Mortal Kombat New Tab extension in the middle left section of the page.

If you are interested in Mortal Kombat New Tab, surely you want to read our blog about it. As soon as you install our extension, you can read our blog to have further information about the Mortal Kombat New Tab in terms of its background, interesting details and more.

Let us just say you are not content with the Mortal Kombat New Tab extension. It is not a mandatory to install our extension in the first place meaning you can install it anytime you see fit. In the right of address bar you can right click the icon to install it easily.

Notice: you will see countless of images of Mortal Kombat New Tab in our extension. These images that could be found in web easily. If you own one of the images in our Mortal Kombat New Tab extension, please contact us and we will correct our mistake by removing the specific image from the extension immediately. All the images and the characters in the extension are the property of their respective owners.

Mortal Kombat New Tab Extensions

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