Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

Overwatch New Tab

Do you want to see your favorite characters as wallpapers from Overwatch every time you open your browser? Our extensions and add-ons are not limited with only wallpapers as well! Always stick with weather forecasts, time and date only by using your browser!

Some people want a gameplay mechanics that they can rely on their pure reflexes and awareness rather than heavily tactical and strategical gameplay. Overwatch simply provides these desires with its fast and dynamic structure. After its first release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016, Overwatch’s active online player pool slightly increased. The game still gets updates and massive seasonal, daily and monthly events after 4 years. The game’s beautiful designs, different game modes, lots of champions and well-made and balanced competitive gameplay creating an attraction to new gamers. It won lots of awards from different organizations like Golden Joystick Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards and 13th and 14th British Academy Games Awards.
Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

Huge Champion Pool

32 playable champions give an opportunity to dig into the game. These 32 characters currently split into 3 classes: Tank, Support and Damage. While Tank class champions absorbing most of the damage and heavily armored, Damage class champions are heavily armored and they are giving massive damage to the enemy, and Support class champions supporting their teammates with their healing abilities and limited fire power. Beside all of champion’s different and unique attributes, they also all have easiness and hardness classification which a bored gamer who wants more challenge can play with other hard to play heroes. Also, they all come from different past and has interesting and attractive aspects. From champions that have human roots to genetically deformed intelligent hamsters.

Magnificent Maps and Artistic Designs 

Graphical and artistic designs of the game seem like they are from a cartoon and basically breath-taking. Unlike the games that try to create realist atmosphere, Overwatch only wants to be aesthetically beautiful and aware of that it is just a game which is full of quick fun. Its cartoonish art designs are perfectly fit for a game like Overwatch. Map designs are not much big but they perfectly designed to create balanced, quick and enjoyable gameplay for 6 vs. 6 matches. One of advantages of small maps is that they have extra-ordinary details to maximize the personal experience and joy. Also, some maps have in-game activities like karaoke. With all these qualifications, graphical designs are not tiring for your eyes and brain, you simply can get lost in flow of game in a comfy way.

Uncommon but Well-thought

Overwatch is not a game like victory condition is only that elimination of all enemy or reaching a kill count. Two most famous game modes are Payload-based and Capture-based. In Payload-based game mode, one of the teams must protect a payload from another team within map. Other team’s objective is to stop and destroy the payload before it reaches to its destination. In Capture-based game mode, while one teams tries to capture a point which defended by another team, other team must protect the point for all costs. Another entertaining game mode is called Arcade mode which includes couple of modes like 1vs1, 3vs3 and Mystery modes. 1vs1 mode is simply a duel mode which you can only deal with nothing but your skills. 3vs3 mode is kind of different. Once you died in battle, you cannot rejoin fights. Mystery mode is nothing but more challenge. If you cannot decide which champion you want to play with, then select the Mystery mode and let the game decide for you and if you do not like the champion that you assigned, let yourself be killed and game will assign you with an another champion.

Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

Edit your wallpapers without lots of efforts whenever you want to! Use your last visited pages and favorite web sites add-ons to quickly access to whatever you want. With popular games menu add-on, you can have great fun by playing couple of HTML 5 games!

Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

A special Overwatch extension is here and ready to use! So what you will find on in this extension but, before we explain that you should know that we are trying to better you experience while using your personal browser. Now, with our Overwatch extension you have chance to customize your browser and have a better quality wallpapers as well. Check the features down below;

– First of all we have huge collection Overwatch wallpapers and their quality is amazing.
– Visually beautiful Overwatch wallpapers you choose will decorate your tabs.
– You can set one specific Overwatch wallpaper image as your permanent background. So that means every time you open a new tab, the image you choose will welcome you.
– And of course that means you will not be able to see shuffling Overwatch images in the new tabs.
– In the middle section of the Overwatch tab there is a direct search option (supports only Chrome) through the search bar.
– Rapid links will direct you to various social media and popular web sites in the Overwatch tabs.
– Browser games also available in the left below corner of the Overwatch tab.
– Lastly a date and clock feature.

Overwatch chrome new tab extensions

Before you decide to install our Overwatch extension or not, you should check our blog post. We think a curious Overwatch fans will definitely enjoy what we discourse on the blog post.

To uninstall the extension if you are not like it; right click the Overwatch extension icon and select ‘’remove from chrome’’. By the way, if you have feedback for us, contact us and do not be shy about it! We would like you see what have you experienced with our Overwatch extension and learn about you suggestion so that we can better it for you in the near future.

As a final notice; the images and the other stuff within the extension are the property of Overwatch owners and creators. Just in case you own the stuff you see in the Overwatch extension, we can remove it if you inform us.



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