Pubg wallpapers and chrome new tab

PUBG Wallpapers new tab

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Our task is to deliver your most loved game wallpapers like PUBG to you with lots of side-features like favorite web sites pins, time and date, quick access and weather add-ons within our extensions! You will see exciting and high-resolution wallpapers from PUBG whenever you want to open a new tab.

Competitive nature of humanity has caused creation of competitive games way before the computers invented like duels or football. As we became more and more urbanized and civilized, wildness of some of these games has questioned and we made rules or transported them into an artificial world, thanks to the computers. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most known modern competitive games that arisen within the artificial world. Its realistic graphics and physics are the most important mechanics behind its success. People loved it because of its almost real atmosphere and reward system.

Prepare Yourself for a Harsh Competition

Competitive gameplay is main motivation and mechanic of the game. One hundred people release into an island that full of loots which is very crucial to survive. Better equipment simply means increased survivability of the players. If every important and high-level equipment in the area of play looted then other players must search, find, kill and loot each other. Standing at attention at all the time while moving from a point to b point, looting, scanning for the area of the next circle and preparing an ambush must be done with very sensitive movements. Being very cautious at every time collects player’s whole attention into the game and makes the PUBG a highly competitive and enjoyable.

Pubg wallpapers and chrome new tab

Pubg wallpapers and chrome new tab

You Will Get Lost in Action with Realistic Atmosphere

Realistic graphics and, more importantly, physics of the game evolves the competitive gameplay. While preparing an ambush, most important thing is hide capability and because of the game’s high texture quality, it is possible to hide inside grasses and bushes. With real-time bullet movements, it is possible to kill an enemy with right and efficient equipment who located in a far location but it is not an easy job to do so. Environmental sounds, sounds that come from moving enemies and even doors’ opening and closing sounds are very important for locating enemies and for competition.

Pure Action Everywhere, Every Time

Challenges and competitions are not just limited within borders of the zone. Players who parachuted and landed away from the zone or want loot away from dangers are endangered by health point losses. This losses’ amount is increasing turn by turn while circle is getting smaller. Screen that blurred when each loss hit make it nearly impossible to see the environment of player and make them an open target. Within that areas all the dangers and threats double. Anyone who wants to survive and get rewarded in the end must do its actions within the safe zone.

Become A Tactician to Outsmart Your Enemies

The game is not limit you to play all by yourself. Besides solo mode, dual and group with four person modes are also included. Making gameplay more strategical and co-operative with group member is slightly increasing enjoyment of the game. Developing strategies, reactions to taken fire and changing tactic gameplay as fast as possible probably will result in a victory. Ambush and trick plans and tactics will be harder to prepare, organize and hard plans will bring more and greater amount of competitive satisfaction.

Reward system also has great important impact on game’s structure and as a result of these game’s popularity. High-ranking players almost every time match with each other and low-ranking players will try to reach to the higher ranks. This system of match-making always preserve current competitive structure of the game and opens the way of never-ending fun.
Pubg wallpapers and chrome new tab
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ wallpapers will welcome you every time with this extension. You can easily see and follow time and date information with our add-ons. Avoid scams and dangerous web sites with help of favorite web sites or last visited pages add-on. A private search engine will be your favorite in an instant for your browser!

PUBG new tab extensions and wallpapers

The first thing you notice when you are trying a new extension is the interface. With our new PUBG extension you have chance to change your browser experience with new visual features. A new PUBG extension configurations and adjustments will bring you a fresh start with the features listed down below.

– Special PUBG wallpapers you may use a background from a huge hd PUBG wallpaper archive.
– A search engine that supports Google currently will bring you a direct search experience within the PUBG extension.
– To reach a social media and popular sites there are gummy links without spending too much of your time while typing site names on the search bar.
– As long as you have an internet connection you can reach the browser games with the links implemented to our PUBG extension.
– A clock and date feature to follow local date and time in your PUBG tabs.

Pubg wallpapers and chrome new tabOf course our PUBG extension is not just about the features aforementioned. Our PUBG blog post is for you to have and additional knowledge about it and you can read it any time you want! We are always working to improvements to elevate your experience while using the PUBG extension. We have support link to serve you in case you have problem or you have new idea or feature that you want to see it in the PUBG extension. This extension and its team is always open for a conversation and we give a high regard to user-developer communication.

There is also a possibility that you do not want to use PUBG extension anymore. If that is case you can always uninstall it by right clicking the extension icon and select ‘’Remove from Chrome’’. It is easy and will not take much of your time as well.

Notice; this fan-focused PUBG extension has a collection of images of the term gathered around the web by searching. Since the PUBG belong to its rightful owners, if you own some of the stuff you see here, feel free the contact us any time so that we can remove the material.

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