Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension

Call of Duty chrome theme wallpapers

Appealing characters, in game scenes and many selected walpapers are waiting for in this extension link by at the end of the text. But first let us see the story line of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty series are breath-taking first-person shooter and Action genres. Series’ first game was published in 2003 and brought great success to the developers. First trilogy took place in the World War II and our heroes were fighting against the German forces. Game itself included 3 major campaign which players can separately play as American, British and Soviet soldiers. After the success of the first game, second installment Call of Duty published in 2005 the success continues and the critics are amazed by the game. Second game has also included 3 different major campaigns. The second one also gave a life to the most iconic and charismatic character of all time, Captain Price. Developers has introduced multiplayer add-on to the gamers in the third game and it took a lot of attention on to this series. The trilogy has atmosphere of the World War II and offered a thrilling adventure to the gamers. Presentation of iconic Normandy/Omaha beach landing is one of the most unforgettable missions of all time.

Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension

Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension

An Epic Action with Perfect Story-line

Modern Warfare series has introduced to the gamers after the first trilogy in 2007. All the things have directed into another concept which is modern battle. Alternative world that full of terrorist organizations, highly militarized states and Latin American cartels is offering great time to enjoy. Gamers can fight against all of these dangerous organizations within all over the world. Villains are also well-written and has same depth as main heroes. The series presents destructive side of total wars and terrorist actions against the civilians. Nuclear and chemical dangers frighten the whole world and even seconds are counting to stop the complete destruction. Personal revenge desires, marvelous friendships and sacrifices are making the dramatic plot of the game even deeper.

Thrilling and Appealing Alternative History

Black Ops series take place in rousing atmosphere of the Cold War. Connection between each mission creates a complex plot structure.  Deep state affairs’, undercover operations’ and developing war technologies’, that controlling from one hand, put the universe of the game in a cautious situation. Secrets and confusion of a mind make the series delightful. Perfectly created Vietnamese and old Soviet environment rolling gamers into the plot. Characters or incidents from heroes’ past enlighten the story. Weapons and side weapons were made historically perfect. Deep and well-made villains from each game make player wonder where things will go and how things will end. Most significant and exclusive mechanic within the game is that the game leave decisions like who will be dead or alive to the players.

An Engrossing Dystopian Future

Ghosts takes place in a world that experienced a nuclear destruction. Soldiers got together under the name of Ghosts purpose of fight against a federation who took over the world to prevent an economic crisis. Environment of a destructed world takes players from this reality to the game’s universe. Scenes of the crashing earth-surface tell to players how things are worst. Dog-buddy mechanism highly influences the gameplay.

Prophecy-like Story with Epic Presentation

Advanced Warfare scenes a world that led into a chaos by terrorist organizations and a brain-washing private military company. Technologically evolved weaponry and highly empowered private organizations fulfills the game’s near-future prophecy. Main villain, which was acted by Kevin Spacey, is well written for better experience.
Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension

The War Has Spread to Interplanetary Area

Infinite Warfare is located in a distant future which humanity has managed to colonize the Mars. Things did not go well because of lack of earthly resources and paramilitary groups started to act like space pirates. Also, the last hope of earth, the Mars colony starts to act like an enemy. Battles which located in space shuttles are well prepared and create a perfect simulation. As perfectly as it gets, our extension also consistent and will meet your needs. Regulated frequent web sites, customized private search engine, Call of Duty wallpapers and consistent forecasts are here for you to customize your browser with our extension.

Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension

Cool features, new interface and countless wallpapers! These are briefly our Call of Duty extension is all about? When you are browsing, you do not have to look a dull interface. Considering that you are also fan of the Call of Duty, with our extension, we created an almost new environment and experience with the features listed here;

– A clock and date feature in every Call of Duty tab.
– Game links that direct you to browser games in every genre.
– Social media icons, frequently visited pages and popular web sites will be under your hand in Call of Duty extension all the time.
– Search bar section to search directly in Chrome
– A wallpaper hub with numerous high definition Call of Duty images to use as a background.
– A fixed Call of Duty wallpaper image every time you open a new tab.
– When you open a new tab a fixed Call of Duty image always be your background. We also working on the issue of fixed images that closes the shuffle option.

Before installing the Call of Duty extension. Read the Call of Duty blog post to discover how Call of Duty is created and explore the Call of Duty closely!
Call of duty free chrome wallpapers extension
The features we mentioned here is not define our Call of Duty extension completely. We are a very active team and always try to improve our game! Always looking for a new features and fix the issues immediately so that while you are using our Call of Duty extension do not come across problems frequently. By the way, if you have idea that will be a good fit our extension always reach out to us and together we will improve the browser experience. You can send a message any time in our web site.

Add to all of that, if you are thinking that this Call of Duty extension we created for Call of Duty fans is not your liking and taste; by right clicking the extension icon and select ‘’remove from Chrome’’ you can uninstall it. No worries! That will not take much of your time since it is a free and user friendly extension.

A final notice to our respective users: our purpose to present you this extension is to enjoy Call of Duty fans all around the world. Because of that we gathered the Call of Duty materials from the web. All the Call of Duty content here is belong the owner and creators of the Call of Duty of course.

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