Cs Go Counter Strike new tab theme

CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab

If you are fan of Cs series, you will love our optional-free extension. We have included high resoulution wallpapers and theme for your amusement. You can reach it at the end of our information about the Cs Go and its history so far

In gaming world only a handful of games still continue to enjoy gamers. Cs series is one of them and its last instalment Cs Go; Global Offensive took this humble game to another level. New graphic setting, old but renewed maps, highly detailed weapons and many more features to elaborate the competitive experience. With a new e-sports movements Cs Go triumphs more than ever. The story of Cs go is something to be examine, to be able to understand the scale of its importance and impact to current gamin universe. Cs series belongs to a group of games that have an actual ‘’history’’ behind them.

CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab
CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab

Origins of Cs Go
Actually Cs (Counter Strike) was a playable mode of Half-Life however it gained much popularity in a short amount of time and become an independent game. Like today, the early versions offer a competitive modes within a multiplayer first person shooting genre. Players around world shows their individual capabilities and skill and measure their talents. Of course it is not just a game where you aimlessly shooting people, the strategy and the tactics are also important in Cs to have an actual success. Most of the successful players of Cs Go today watched, learned and influenced by the first generation of players. Also in previous installations like 1.6 and Source are where the players gained the status of ‘’professional’’.

From Gamers to Proffesionals
The competitive nature of the game reflected on its players. These kind of players that tried to improve themselves become a force to be reckoned. Thus, Cs tournaments and a concept of ‘’pro player’’ emerged nearly after. Teams and organizations formed, talented players had a chance to shine with their affection of the game. In another saying, they had a chance to collect the rewards of countless hours of playing. Which is profoundly special for a gamer to be recognized only by their talents of playing a computer game. It should not be forgotten how Cs Go elevates the e-sport movement. Today millions of people play this game and many more watches the tournaments from countless streaming services to experience the joy of this relic of game on highest level. Even though the game itself seems to be simple way of playing, the efforts and the passion towards to it is not measurable. As the Cs Go released in twenty first of August 2012 new and old generation of talented players and come together to share their experience. The game became a platform of competition and it is still preserve its valuable nature.

One of the unique and new features of the Cs Go is you can customize your favourite weapons. Which merges your personality with your choice of weapons in the game. The game also has a market to sell or trade your skins. Show your personality to your fellow gamers is another experience Cs Go creates for its players. Just as you customize your weapons, now you have chance to customize your browsers like in the game. Our extension provides you numerous amount of features and elevates your Cs Go experience at the same time.

CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab

CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab

Need a CS GO Counter Strike atmosphere in your browser? Then, install our CS GO Counter Strike extension and see the difference for yourself. In terms of visual and features, you will see then surfing on the web will be more enjoyable for you. Check those features we listed down here;

– Huge high quality CS GO Counter Strike wallpaper collection.
– Option of permanent background image. In every tab you open the CS GO Counter Strike wallpaper image you choose as a background will welcome you.
– There will be no shuffle option but soon we will add it on the CS GO Counter Strike extension.
– Without spending time, you will reach the popular web sites, games and social media in one click. The links redirect you immediately on the sites.
– With search bar on the centre, you will be able to make direct searches on Google.
– A cool, designed date and clock feature.

The CS GO Counter Strike extension has a purpose of elevate you experience while surfing on the web. It is easy to install and easy to use. You will be amazed with the visuals of theme too. Add to that, we have also a blog post about CS GO Counter Strike and we recommend you should read it!

If you want to uninstall the CS GO Counter Strike extension do not worry, it is easy; right click the extension icon and select ‘’remove from chrome.
From the web, we gathered a collection of CS GO Counter Strike material to create this extension so that CS GO Counter Strike fans will enjoy. If you want some additional feature you want to see in our CS GO Counter Strike extension, let us know. You can always reach us through the support link.

As a final notice, we would like inform you that; CS GO Counter Strike materials and characters are belong to its rightful owners. We can always remove the content, if you inform us as the owner of the CS GO Counter Strike.

CS Go Counter Strike gogle chrome new tab

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