Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

Dota 2 New Tab

We created a special Dota 2 themed extension for you to enjoy your time while browsing. It is also free and optional. You can downloaded link at the end and discover more! Now let us learn about the important aspects of Dota 2

In the genre of multiplayer online area battle (known as MOBA) Dota 2 earned its rightful place from time it’s released. The game has a competitive nature; team of five players battle against each other to completely destroy the ‘’Ancient’’ of opposite team. Every player should need a set of defensive and offensive skills. Dota 2 requires precision as well, meaning you need to assess the condition of the battlefield to strike your opponents. Which adds to the real-time strategic elements to the battleground. As you play the match, you will discover more excitement minute by minute. Sure this is a hard path to follow but any gamer who has a sense of joining the battle will enjoy every moment.

Throughout the match, your selected hero gains experience to use new abilities. The magic system allows you use countless of moves suitable for any situation. And again you need use precise moment to gain upper hand. Your source to use these abilities is the ‘’mana’’ which gives you a certain amount of energy to create your moves. As soon as you use the ability there will be a time interval (cooldown) to use it again. Before you begin the battle you have time to draft to select a hero and discuss the further strategies with your teammates which is a crucial process to conduct. Essentially, heroes are identified with two separate groups for their abilities; core and support.

Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

Heroes and their Functions

Core heroes are main force of the team. Usually they carry the team to win. Rest of the team built around them. They deal heavy damages as they improve themselves over the course of the match. However they are not that powerful at the start so you need a time to improve them. That is where the Supports come in. They assist the core heroes in terms of giving power enhancements and providing a health. In addition to that there also AI controlled minions spawn from your base to attack the enemy towers and bases constantly and automatically. As you gain experience and with farming you can purchase items to boost your abilities or mix these items to create more powerful ones.

Depth more Than Any Other MOBA Games

Flexibility is the one adjective to define Dota 2. As the game and match progresses you will have chance to turn the tides any moment. However to able to do that, you need to study the game mechanic like a class subject. Sometimes, memorization of common items and maps are also useful to elevate your tactics. In Dota 2 you sure will have a way to play with your own specific style. Even though you think you are losing, if you examine your surroundings and have a better connection with your team there is always a chance to turn the table. Not many games has a depth as Dota 2. The more you play, the more you discover. Countless heroes, maps are waiting for you to play. And of course, the lore of the game is also an important aspect to be able understand your heroes. Our extension has also countless of features to elevate your browsing experience. In’s extension you can find high resolution wallpapers, you can check time and date and access your frequently used web-sites in no time!
Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

You are a fan of Dota 2 and need a change while using a your personal browser? Now you are in the right place! The reason for that is, we created a Dota 2 extension for you to use while using web browser. Carefully crafted and visually excellent Dota 2 extension will bring you joy and amusement while surfing on the web. So let’s look what Dota 2 extension is offering you!

– A suitable clock and date feature that designed to fit the Dota 2 tab.
– Spend an exciting time with browser games clicking the ‘’Popular Games’’ link in the corner left below.
– Search box is also here to make direct searches on the Chrome!
– Want to access the social media pins and popular web sites? Check the middle of left section in the Dota 2 tab.
– From the collection of high definition Dota 2 images, you choose any of them to use as wallpaper. It can be permanent any time you open a new Dota 2 tab.
– Unfortunately, permanent Dota 2 wallpapers will automatically change when you open a new tab. However we are working on bringing the shuffle option for you!

There is also a blog post about the Dota 2 here! Meaning you will learn about the characters or the storyline of the Dota 2 etc. we are sure that you are curious to learn about it!

In case of you have suggestion about our Dota 2 extension? We will be happy to hear about Dota 2 fans! We are here to serve you to customize your browser with our extension. So, we are open for suggestions since there is always a new idea to improve it!

Not happy about the extension and you need to uninstall it? it is will easy; right click the icon of the Dota 2 extension at the address bar and select ‘’remove from Chrome’’ and it will be uninstalled right away!

A notice; you see that there are visual elements in our Dota 2 extension here. They are the collection from the web to create this extension for you! Also, they belong to the respective owners of the Dota 2. If you own any of it, contact us so that we can remove it.

Dota 2 full hd wallpapers & new tab

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