League of Legends wallpapers & new tab

League of Legends HD new tab

Come and see the high resolution wallpapers of characters from your favorite game League of Legends! If you want to, you can download and add this extension to your browser to see them more and more for free. They all available for PC and mobile devices.

3 years later after its releasement, League of Legends dedicated to the game that most played in 2012. It is a 5 players strategical-tactical MOBA game with average 35 minutes game time. It was one of the first examples of MOBA genre so it inspired other companies and they created new variations. As well as it inspired other companies, the League of Legends also inspired by Riot Games from a game’s expansion pack called Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne by Blizzard Entertainment. Besides its challenging and competitive structure, the game also has a lore with depth which splitting League of Legends from what they inspire. Most of the League of Legends’ fame comes from its E-Sport activities. Around 100 million people watched and experienced the E-Sport tournaments. Professional League of Legends player are earning around 250.000$ a year and second season of the league’s 1st place prize was 1.000.000$.

Choose and Play Carefully

Your main objective is the destroy enemy headquarter while your enemies’ objective is the same. Destroying bot characters when you clash with enemy team is giving you small amount of points to upgrade your heroes’ locked skills and features. But destroying enemy’s hero is gives you huge amount of points and your kills adding to your kill count. Developing tactics and strategies is a very critical thing to do. Even hero choices are important for in-game conflicts. A wrong choice can cause defeat if its not selected by a player who knows play with the hero or if the hero has not right features to strife with enemy heroes.

League of Legends wallpapers & new tab

League of Legends wallpapers & new tab

Attracting Lore will Bond you to the League of Legends Universe

League of Legends located in a world that full of political strife and a league took place in a world named Runeterra which is around the main continent named Valoran. Habitants of Valoran has created an international league in order to end violence and political strife. Almost every champion comes from Valoran but some of the champions come from other continents because of their own benefits. Besides their characteristics and background stories, all of them have different and unique attributes. Champions’ unique taunts are best of bests and voice actors did manage to create great job.

Not a Single Penny is Necessary

Most charming reason to play League of Legends is that the game is completely free. As anyone can understand that the game is in a Free-to-Play genre but unlike other MOBA games, LoL gets huge and small updates frequently. However, it also has some micro-transactions but these features only include cosmetics. You can buy new and unique outfits for your heroes but those outfits can only to be applied for one hero because they were only made for specific heroes.

Entertainment Doubles Itself with Friends

League of Legends also can be played with friends. If you have a friend group with 5 people, you can team up, battle against the enemy team and have a great time. You have more than 5 people that you want spend time with? No problem. You can still create custom games, split into teams and fight against each other. This aspect is a great opportunity to increase your skills and reflexes as well as playing against the bots all by yourself. You and your friends can develop new tactics and strategies without considering defeat.

Prioritize your wallpapers with your favorite characters if you would like to. By using social media and quick access pins, you will be redirected almost instantly to wherever you want. Use our extension to surf on the net!
League of Legends wallpapers & new tab

League of Legends wallpapers & new tab

An awesome League of Legends extension is ready for use. We sure that League of Legends fans want to be more intimate about it and while browsing, using a League of Legends image as a background will be an awesome fit as well. Other than that, our League of Legends extension has a lot of features as well. You can check that out with the list down below;

– Huge collection of hd League of Legends wallpapers ready for your background.
– Permanent League of Legends wallpapers will be there when you open a new tab.
– When you choose a fixed League of Legends image as a background, as you open a new, tab there will be no shuffle images.
– Online browser games are one click away in the League of Legends extension. Click it and play numerous games!
– We specifically designed a date and clock feature for you follow local time in every League of Legends tab.
– A search bar that currently only supports Chrome is ready for the direct searches.
– Popular web sites and social media icons are also available in the League of Legends extension.

If you are looking for information that you never heard it before about League of Legends, we have also a blog about it to give you some details of the League of Legends.

Even though we are very careful about the satisfaction of our users, sometimes our extension would be lack of some features. In case of that you can send us your ideas in terms features and other things through support link. We are very open team and give high regard to your ideas. Surely, we will look at the issues you are facing. To us, there is always room for improvement!
League of Legends wallpapers & new tab
And of course in case of you are not happy about the League of Legends extension, in a short amount of time you can uninstall it. To do that, you need to right click the League of Legends extension icon and select ‘’remove from chrome’’.

Before we conclude, we would like to inform you that the images and the material used in League of Legends extension are belong the owners of the League of Legends. We created this extension with the collection of material gathered from the web to serve League of Legends fans in their browser experience. If you own those stuff, you can contact us any time and we will remove the content.

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