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Enjoy with high resolution wallpapers from Minecraft after downloading this extension. It comes with couple of features that you can ease your mind when you are on internet. A quick gameplay of some HTML 5 games can help you if you are wandering around thinking what to do!

Do you ever search for a never-ending survival adventure where you can lose yourself in? Where you can lift your own imagination and creativity in order to rebuild famous architectures of mankind or simply make yourselves? Every one of us want to relieve average amount of stress and lose ourselves in a flow of enjoyment. Open-world games like Minecraft providing these things to us just by sitting in front of a computer or console. Even more, it just not only for adults, even children can play Minecraft without their parents’ concerns because of its peaceful habitat. Furthermore, couple of developed countries have put the game in their education systems as well to be able to develop the children’s basic skills like creativity, imagination and co-operation with other human beings.

Minecraft wallpapers new tab

Minecraft wallpapers new tab

Possibilities are Infinite

Let your own imagination rules you. Block system of the game creates a massive playground to the players. You can be whatever you want, a settled farmer and miner who crops the land and provide himself a stable food income or a nomadic adventurer who search and hunt for Endermans in order to find a secret passage to the final boss. Being a hunter-gatherer is also possible within the game. You can provide your food from pigs and sheep and after a good day of hunting you can give yourself to the mines. Dig from surface to the bedrock in search of precious sources like irons, golds and diamonds. You can trade with villagers or traders who wanders around the world simultaneously to get necessary and important cloths, armors and books.

Massive Mode Pool and Modding Community 

Infinite possibilities do not end with the vanilla game. You can get massive amount of new mechanics from free-lance modders and non-official mods. It is possible to create your own nuclear reactor in order to provide energy to your automated mines and farms. Maybe you can simply gather the necessary minerals from depths of the earth, build your space shuttle and left the earth for a low orbit space station. Is it not enough? Jumping into a wild world that full of terrors and impossible to kill creatures is also possible with size of that world. After long search for precious books and hand-written receipts will enlighten the lore of the universe. Creating a portal to the Hell of the game after a long and harsh efforts will provide crucial sources to help your duties.

Fantasy Elements Included

Improvement of enchantment skills creates a way to increase survivability. Player’s already-strong armors and weapons will double their hit points, side damages and durability. Strength of the mining tools has also massive impact on gameplay. Hard to break pickaxes, axes and shovels will protect the non-used sources and savings of these sources can be very useful in building and trade works. Sandbox structure of the game is simply increasing gameplay time of the game to nearly endless and with the mod support it increases even more.

You Don’t Have to Be Alone

Multiplayer and co-op game mods make it more enjoyable and fuller of fun. Besides all of this single player fun, co-op game servers bring more challenge and satisfaction to the gameplay. Building competitions between two friends make people enjoy the game more. Multiplayer game mods like Hunger Games gathers massive number of gamers around itself and bring a lot of new concept to the game.

Minecraft wallpapers new tab

Highlight your favorite wallpapers to see them more. Follow time and date whenever you open a new tab and never lose a minute while trying to reach your virtual destination with favorites and last visited pages add-ons!

Minecraft new tab wallpapers

An artistic and essential features are here in this Minecraft extension to increase your web surfing quality. Carefully prepared and suitable for the taste of Minecraft fans. We forget nothing that Minecraft fans are cared and want to see in a browser extension. If you give chance to that, you will regret it. So here are the features of Minecraft extension;

– Detailed date and clock feature to follow local time.
– A search bar that easily makes direct searches on Chrome
– Rapid links makes you access the social media and popular web sites easily.
– If you want to take a short break while you surfing, why not give a shot to popular games links on the left below section in Minecraft tab.
– Huge collection of high-end Minecraft wallpaper images to use as a background.
– The specific Minecraft image you choose can be used as strict background image in every tab you open however, in this way there will be no changing images for new tabs.

Aside from all of that, there is a new Minecraft blog post with the current information about Minecraft and its content. We wanted to add this post because Minecraft fans always need a new information about the Minecraft. We check the user feedback frequently, meaning you can always send us a message about the features you would like to see this term extension.

Minecraft wallpapers new tab

You should also know that you can uninstall the Minecraft extension any time you want. You only have to right click the extension icon in the address bar and select the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’.

Notice: if you own any content in this extension, please inform us and we remove it immediately. We know the Minecraft and its content are belong to the rightful owners. We only gathered the images from all around the web to create this extension for the Minecraft fans.

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