There are a lot of extensions out there but if you are a fan of Last of Us, you will enjoy every minute of using this extension. Specifically designed with the theme of Last of Us with many features, our extension is a sight for sore eyes. Down below, we listed the features of Last of Us extension to inform you! - Chosen with care, high quality and amazingly illustrated Last of Us wallpapers. - You can choose any of Last of Us image as a permanent wallpaper. Thus it becomes a fixed background image in every tab you open. - When you choose an image as a permanent Last of Us wallpaper, there will be no shuffle option. - With the search bar supported only on Chrome, you have a chance to make direct searches rather than going for the main page. - Action, strategy, shooter and many more browser games will be at the popular games link in Last of Us tabs. - Popular and frequent websites and social media pins are also available as rapid links in the Last of Us extension. - Finally a beautiful date and clock feature. Adding to those features above, we have a blog post about the Last of Us. You can check that out and see the detailed blog about the Last of Us. Since we know how enthusiastic is the Last of Us fans, we include many interesting details about the Last of Us in our blog post. While using our Last of Us extension for the fans, at some point you may think like ‘’there should this kind of feature in this extension’’. If that happens feel free to contact us through our web site and we have a conversation about it. Your opinions are quite valuable for us and we are always open for this kind of occasion. Of course you always have an option to uninstall the Last of Us extension if it is not meeting with your needs. Right click the extension icon and choose ‘’remove from Chrome’’ there, it is done. Notice: Last of Us extension is the collection of what we found on web for creative purposes. The images and the other materials are only belong to its respective owners. If it is belong to you, send us a message and we will fixed the issue.

Last of Us New Tab

Imagine an appealing extension for your browser that includes your favourite game; Last of Us with special wallpapers of your favourite characters. Join Joel and Ellie’s journey with a specifically […]

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