Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions

Team Fortress 2 New tab theme wallpapers

High resolution wallpapers and our brand new extension with the Team Fortress 2 is waiting for you! offers a chance to customize your browser as your own preference. After you check what Team Fortress 2 is all about, you can also check the link down below to see the details of our extension.
Never-ending action is waiting for you to join. Team Fortress 2 is an action-packed, fast-paced competitive shooting game released in tenth of October 2007. If you look at just the time of release you might think that is a bit old but, the action and pace of the game never gets old. This gem will be satisfy you and give you an energy to fight your enemies. Developed by Valve, in Team Fortress 2 you can join team RED or team BLU. There is also a hero classes you can choose and play the game with the character you choose. Which allows you to experience different style of playing according to your wish. Different classes means, you will have different role in game mods such as capture the flag, king of the hill or classic mod that you will battle out to your hearts content.

Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions

Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions

Reliable Excavation and Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU) are the companies belong to a two brother literally hate each other. When you choose a time at the start of the game, you become a mercenary that hired by one brother to compete against the other one. Each team has a different type of unique classes which means there strengths and weaknesses. To be able to succeed in the game you should exploit those weaknesses to win. In the game regardless of what you choose as a class, you have three weapons; primary, secondary and one melee weapon. So you can adapt to every situation you find yourself in. There are also countless maps in the game that gives you a military atmosphere for increasing the quality of experience. As soon as you are locked in Team Fortres 2, you can observe your profile to assess your gameplay like; ‘’how much time you spent on specific class?’’ so you can identify your strength and weak sides. Thus you have chance to improve your style as you play.

There are nine classes in the game; Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Scout, Sniper, Soldier and Spy. Each class has distinctive speciality and play style as offensive, defensive and supportive. No matter which one you will choose there is a crucial role you to fulfil. Let us check some popular classes;

If you are a beginner in Team Fortress 2, Pyro will be there for you. Even though you feel like your shooting skills are not sufficient at the beginning, to adapt the game, you can always choose Pyro. With a flame thrower and afterburn abilitiy, you can damage easily other players and have an advantage over them. Yes, it seems a bit easy but every game should consider beginner players, right?

With the abilities of enourmous damage and setting traps, Demoman is your go to class. But that should not misguide you because of low-speed and harder controls. Demoman is a Scottish explosion expert who lacks of melee fight. He takes time to master but as soon as you get used to it, the fun begins

Team Fortress 2 is fundamentally a shooting game but not every player wants to kill enemies. Some of them wants to support the team. And of course there should be a healer in the team to have a military experience. That is where the Medic comes in to save the team.
Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions
Many characters and play modes waiting for in Team Fortress 2 and more features such as date and time on new tab, social media pins, last visited pages button are also waiting for you in our extension!

Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions

Spare a minute and check the Team Fortress 2 browser extension we prepared for you! We know that Team Fortress 2 fans are eager to see this extension and its visual interface. Cool features and new design will make you more comfortable while surfing on the web. Without further ado let’s look through the features listed in here;

– A clock and date feature that fits the Team Fortress 2 theme in the right corner below.
– A chance to reach social media icons and popular websites easily in the middle of left. The links and icons will lead you directly in Team Fortress 2 extension.
– Popular games links are within your reach all the time to enjoy while browsing internet in Team Fortress 2 pages.
– Search bar that makes you search directly without spending much time.
– Incredible amount of Team Fortress 2 wallpapers are waiting for you to choose.
– If you choose a Team Fortress 2 wallpapers as a permanent background, in every tab you open it will be you background as well. The shuffle option will not available when you choose a permanent Team Fortress 2 image unfortunately. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.

In addition to all these features, a blog post about the Team Fortress 2 is also here to show you about the creativity and interesting side of the term. You can read it anytime you want.

If you want to send a feedback to us about the extension or came across an issue, please inform us in our website’s support section. We will check and get back to you soon.

Want to uninstall Team Fortress 2 extension? Then right click the extension icon in the address bar and select ‘’remove from Chrome’’. Very easy.

Notice: We selected the images of the Team Fortress 2 through the web and used in our extension. However, all these Team Fortress 2 images and its characters are belong to its rightful owners. If you are one of the owners or have content here, communicate with us about it and we will remove the content right away.

Team Fortress 2 chrome new tab extensions

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