Valorant chrome wallpapers and new tab

Valorant new tab wallpapers

It is sensible the customize your browser since you are always use for many reasons. offers you a Valorant themed extension to fill your tabs with the wallpapers from the game includes your favourite Agents for free. You can check to have a better idea the link at the end!

After releasing League of Legends in 2009, Riot games joins the gaming world. While gained success from League of Legends they announced their projects as a beta version. Years of observing the other shooting games, they decided to fully release a new type of RPS (role play shooting) game Valorant. Inside mechanics are created with Unreal Engine 4 by a creative group of developers. In addition to that the game has a sensitive and powerful anti-cheat system. As you can see cheating in shooting games always the issue of gamers. Tremendous amount of players gave up from various games because of the incapability of developers against the cheaters. Our developers improves the anti-cheat software that incredibly rarely misses the cheaters with an IP ban. So, the only thing that you will shine in the game is a ‘’pure talent’’. Considering the cheating scandals in last years, playing a game in safe environment surely comfort you.

Valorant chrome wallpapers and new tab

Valorant chrome wallpapers and new tab

Fast-Paced Constant Action
Within the game, you are assigned in a five people squad. The standard game mode separate each squad as a defensive and offensive side. Offensive side have to plant an explosive called ‘’Spike’’ to a bombing area in order to win. Each team earns a score in terms of planting or preventing. The first team reaches 13 score will be victorious in total of 25 rounds. As you might have guessed, defensive side needs to use every means necessary to prevent that. Economical system is included in every round also, you need to buy weapons. It seems familiar but the unique thing here is you can also purchase a weapon for your team mate. Each gun has its own way of usage, weight sprays so, and not every bullet goes the way you wanted to go. Realistically weight of the weapons affect your movement and in every weapon a headshot instantly kill the opponent. Through practice, you can polish your skills to have an edge over your opponents.

Choose Your Agent and Start the Action
Agents are the name of the characters you choose in the game. Every agent has their own story and unique abilities. Their ultimate skills charge over time so you need to decide when to use them for your advantage. Choosing an agent occurs before the game starts and between the rounds you can unlock the other abilities of your agent according to your in-game budget. The abilities serves as a utilities like grenades but using them is more flashy and fun. For instance, Sage’s ultimate brings one of your teammates from the dead with a full health. Cypher on the other hand, able to see the whereabouts of the enemies with his ultimate ability. Breach stuns his enemies and create a confusion as well as diversions. There are other agents using flashy abilities or stealth skills to suit every kind of player to show their talents. In various way you may have chance to turn the tides and win the match. Rounds in Valorant are shorter than the other shooting games that explains why this game is fast-paced and why you should also be tactical aside from having a good sense of shooting.
Valorant chrome wallpapers and new tab
With all those in mind, you can also use our extension to elevate your experience like in the game. It is totally free and optional with numerous features. Besides from high resolution wallpapers of Agents in the game, private search engine, favourites, weather forecast are also available.

Valorant chrome new tab extensions

A Valorant extension filled with every feature you need when you are surfing the web is here! Functionally and visually, we prepared a Valorant extension to beautify your personal browser. Let’s check those features so that you have a general idea of our Valorant extension.

– Carefully selected Valorant wallpaper collection in your Chrome browser.
– If choose one specific Valorant image as a wallpaper, it will stay permanent every time you open a new tab. We know the shuffle option on wallpapers is ideal however, we are working on to fix this issue as soon as possible.
– In our Valorant extension you can reach the browser games through Popular Games links. You can visit those links and enjoy the browser games you like.
– With the purpose of not stealing you precious time, we add social media icons and popular websites. You can find it in the middle left section of our Valorant extension.
– A date and clock feature designed by us, right below the corner.

Last but not least, we have also a blog post that explains the Valorant’s process and background. You can find new information there which you never heard before.
Valorant chrome wallpapers and new tab
We are not imposing you in terms of using Valorant extension, there is no contract or payment it is completely free. As soon as you find it not to your taste, you can uninstall it immediately. But before that you can contact us about your feedback and we are also open fur suggestions about the features you like or otherwise. We are on the support section, contact us anytime you want.

Notice: the images you see in our Valorant extension are gathered from the web. In case of some images are belong to you, we can remove it as soon as you inform us. All the material of the Valorant are belong to its respective owners.

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